Think Geek Beer Blaster Liquid ShooterIt's time to get back to your roots, specifically your beer-soaked college days. Even if that doesn't describe your higher-ed experience, it's time for continuing education via the Beer Blaster Liquid Shooter.

You load a can into the gun, as if it were an adults-only Super Soaker. When the can is punctured, the pressure from the carbonation will store up a lethal stream that's unleashed when you pull the trigger. It has a range up to 10 feet, and you can shake the gun a bit to increase pressure of the stream. For $23 from Think Geek (plus the cost of a can of beer), you can submit a friend of yours to a slow, sudsy soaking.

All this toy needs is a bandolier for storing all your ammo/beverages? Oh wait, there is one: the Beer Belt. [via Walyou]