Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.

Shyness negatively affects the quality of relationships -- even marriages.

Researchers at the University of Tennessee recently found that shy people have more severe marital problems during their newlywed period when compared to their more outgoing counterparts. More specifically, the shy reported a higher percentage of struggles with their partners over trust, jealously, money and household management.

As a marriage progresses, the researchers discovered that shyness continued to be linked to problems. They were able to conclude that one person's innate reservedness -- not the fact that difficulties early in the marriage had made the couple less communicative -- is typically driving these continuing struggles.

The study's authors believe the higher levels of social anxiety that go with being shy leaves a less-outgoing person unable to deal with marital problems head-on.

They may struggle at sharing their life with their spouse, but shy people are still the best kind of people to share space with on any form of public transportation.