Therapy has many forms, and for the recently divorced Kevin Cotter, it is finding 101 different uses for his ex-wife's wedding dress. Some of them are practical, others just ridiculous, but they're certainly all different.

Cotter tells Asylum that his wife of 12 years left him at the end of last year -- taking everything but her wedding dress when she moved out of their home.

"I just think that she lost that loving feeling," he says. "We grew apart, but I really don't know why or how it happened. I'm not angry at her and I don't resent her. This isn't easy for either of us."

A few months after the split, Cotter began photographing the dress in various states of incorrect usage and launched the blog My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress. He asked readers to make suggestions, and now the list has grown to 50 creative uses for the dress.

Cotter's ex-wife wasn't aware of his new hobby until he told her himself this week.

"I've been in contact with [my ex-wife] in the last couple days," says Cotter. "She's not a fan of it. I wanted a bit of attention for the blog to attract someone to help publish a book, but I didn't foresee what's been going on so far."

Leave your ideas for things Cotter should do with his ex-wife's wedding dress in the comments section, and check out his five favorite uses for the garment below.

Gym Towel
"About a dozen or so people were at the gym watching my brother and me, and we got a lot of odd looks," says Cotter. "The dress wasn't really absorbent ... maybe more on the underside."

"I like the way this one turned out," says Cotter, of the Darth Vader helmet ornament (below). "There were no birds to scare, so it didn't have to do a whole lot."

Sports Banner
"It's an impressive dress in its construction and versatility," says Cotter.

Yoga Mat

"I went to a studio and there were only three of us there with an instructor," says Cotter. "I had never done yoga before and I'm not flexible, but the dress worked great as a mat."

Grocery Bag

"At the checkout, when the clerk asked, 'Paper or plastic?' I said I was going to use my ex-wife's wedding dress," says Cotter. "The clerk was a bit surprised, and the lady in line behind me said that if I really loved [my ex-wife], I wouldn't be doing that. When [she learned] that it was my ex-wife's dress, the lady said, '[Go ahead] -- you use that as a grocery bag.'"

Got any of your own suggestions for Cotter for another use for the dress?

All photos courtesy of Kevin Cotter.