arm-wrestling champion Cynthia YerbyScores of muscled-up dudes were holding hands this weekend at the 27th annual Bronxboro Arm-Wrestling Championships. In total, 65 pros and amateurs stepped up to the arm-wrestling ring in a quest to win bragging rights, a Bally Total Fitness membership and the title of The Bronx's Strongest Arm.

Consolation prize: sore tendons.

But the real star of the show was the 10-time women's world champion, 58-year-old Cynthia Yerby (left), who showed up to be crowned Queen of Arms. (They draped her in a purple, fur-lined cape and bestowed a golden crown upon her.)

Yerby has won Queen of Arms honors seven times, has been named U.S. national champ 11 times and has cowed competitors in 31 state competitions. After winning her first seven world championships with her right arm, Yerby switched to leftie -- because she was bored, she tells Asylum.

"Guys are always asking if they can arm-wrestle me," Yerby says. "One guy was 6-foot-6. I said, 'OK, but let's do it for $300.' He said, 'Three hundred dollars?!' But he agreed, and then I beat him out of $300."

Sucks to be that guy. Most people get to lose to Yerby for free.