Most of us look back on our high school years with nostalgia for all the good times like playing football or joining the chess team. However, a number of kids in the San Antonio high schools have more unusual memories -- of being teen wolves.

Kids like Katze Lupus Burn from John Marshall High School in Texas have taken the "Twilight fad to a whole new level by wearing lupine eye contacts and attaching "tails" to their pants.

"We're not a gang at all," Katze told KENS5 News while wearing a detachable animal tail on her belt buckle. "Gangs are posers. They just want attention ... The pack, like, we're a family and we go to each other for our problems."

Some people have found these "teen wolves" to be threatening. Perhaps it has something to do with the plastic fangs they wear. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that the skull of a missing dog was found in the possession of Wolfie Blackheart, the alpha dog of the pack.

"We're not to be feared," said another pack member, Argus, in a rather creepy way.

Don't worry, folks! They're not actually werewolves ... They're shape-shifters.