Most drivers have experienced the downer that is discovering a parking ticket on their windshields.

But a quick burst of four parking tickets? You'll have to ask KTLA reporter Gayle Anderson how that feels.

Anderson was doing a segment on the best cars for summer road trips from a Santa Monica parking lot. The cars were lined up, and, according the folks who work at the lot, the television station hadn't paid for the spaces like they said they would.

So they called in the Santa Monica Police Department, which ticketed the cars, one by one, as the live TV cameras continued to roll.

Bemoaning this heavy-handed treatment, a KTLA station official told Asylum that the news team had "done this type of shot at that parking lot before and always settled up before they left."

He added that the station would have had no problem paying the parking fees -- or the parking tickets -- but was baffled as to why the parking attendant decided to call the cops, and then the police decided to issue the tickets on live television.

Read on to check out the video.