Megan FoxTired of her overly sexualized, attention-grabbing ways, last summer we called for "A Day Without Megan Fox" -- which we spent celebrating Betty White instead.

Since then Fox's only non-robot movie flopped badly, and now the 24-year-old may have been booted from the "Transformers" franchise. (On other other hand, 88-year-old Betty White has become the belle of the pop culture ball.)

Yet despite our best efforts, Megan Fox continues to exist. In fact, our friends at FilmDrunk have the latest trailer for her next movie, "Jonah Hex." After viewing it, they lambasted the raven-haired actress for portraying her prostitute character as "so whore-y."

So it seems Fox is still up to her old tricks. But is it really that awful that a physically attractive actress has a tendency to vamp up her sexuality so that people will like her? Especially when none other than Roger Ebert declared that her acting is actually pretty good.

We want to know, do you think we should accept Megan Fox as a movie star?

Does Megan Fox deserve to be a movie star?
Of course -- she is very talented and pretty782 (30.7%)
Nope -- maybe she can star in one of them 'naked movies'1763 (69.3%)