It's been 14 days since a Bay Area blogger started the Tumblr POOPT, aka Passed Out On Public Transportation, and has since received a massive amount of Web traffic. The blogger, who only communicates via email because "snapping pics of fellow commuters sleeping has some sensitivity," remains anonymous.

But just because the mysterious (and glaringly British-sounding) person doesn't want to bask in POOPT's fame, the unidentified male certainly aims to keep the Tumblr in full effect.

"I'm a big fan of Public Transport," he writes. "One day, a fellow passenger was overtly complaining (to no one in particular, or anyone listening) about going to work so early ... but nodding off while doing it. I was a bit taken back by the entire ride -- not certain why, but it just stuck."

Fast-forward to more recent times and, on a commute home, he sat across from this woman "who was just out, zombie-like. She was the catalyst for POOPT. I took her pic, posted it and got a response. From there I took a few more. Then figured the acronym fit amazingly well. It was just something I did."

The blogger has no plans for another Tumblr in the near future, although he admits that "when working in a creative field, something always finds itself in the hopper." We're hoping for a media collection of subway urination.