In a profession that includes our pal Screamin' Jim Kosek and some very attractive women, it takes special talent for a weatherman to stand out.

Luckily, southeast Texas weatherman Nick Kosir isn't your run-of-the-mill forecaster. He's got skillz that are madder than Alfred E. Neuman, and his lyrics will destroy you like a red-shirted crewman. (See? It's not so easy!)

Kosir has been livening up the Beaumont-area forecasts on KBTV-TV's "Good Day" since July 2009, but like a slow-moving thunderstorm, he's just now hitting our radar.

We caught up with Nick to find out a little more about his vocal virtuosity. He told us he raps the weather on about a quarterly basis, to the delight of his Twitter followers and Facebook fans. His first YouTube clip was featured on ESPN2's "Sports Nation."

"Basically, I do it whenever I get inspired," he says.

Check out Nick's hilarious performance after the jump, plus get into the mind of the rhyming rainmaker behind the viral video.

Most of the reactions have been positive, including one fan named "Guido" who emailed Kosir to say, "Thank you for your existence!" But not everyone is a fan. One commenter objected to the premise of a white rapper, saying "Somebody needs to cap this fool."

"I'm not trying to be racist," Nick insists. "I just want to have some fun! Please don't cap this fool!"

Nick's influences tend toward the relatively modern, like Snoop Doggy Dogg, Notorious B.I.G. and Lil Wayne, although he confesses appropriate admiration for "I'm Too Sexy" originators Right Said Fred.

Like any rapper worth his bling, Nick Kosir has a repertoire of underground records. "There are some 'underground' recordings on my MySpace page," he says. "I used to be a radio DJ and I made parody songs under the name Krooked K, so there are songs still floating around out there that are good and embarrassing."

While he hasn't ventured into gangsta weather rap, he has a great name picked out for his hypothetical posse: "Insane Cumulonimbus Gang!"

Nick Kosir, we salute you, if for no other reason than your enshrinement of "Anahuac" in the global hip-hop rhyming dictionary. If some innovative record label ever picks Kosir up, we'll be first in line, rain or shine.