Singles Softball League this summer!If you're single and that golf scene from "I Love You, Man" hasn't scared you away from playing sports with women for the rest of your life, this could be your lucky summer: A singles softball league is starting play this weekend in Williamsburg.

We're just going to go ahead and kill all the lesbian jokes right now by saying, first of all, that it's waaay too hot outside for flannel shirts. Second, considering the fact that the Single Softball Saturdays league will be using an oversize, 16-inch softball, all the fast-pitch enthusiasts in a 50-mile radius will probably just be laughing at you guys.

The good news that like any respectable adult softball league, beer is involved; the teams will be celebrating their wins and drowning their losses with free pitchers at Mugs, that bastion of classiness on Bedford Ave., after the games. And with an equal guy-to-girl ratio, there can be some real matchmaking, or at least drunken hook-ups.

Cost to join is $100. Single Softball Saturdays is fully booked, but they're working on a second season for this summer. If you don't make it onto that team either, you can always meet girls with even bigger balls in a kickball league.