We recently introduced the world to the man who can take your climate and rhyme it, rapping weatherman Nick Kosir.

Already a viral video sensation, Nick tells us that our humble tribute pushed his well-deserved fame to untold levels of dopeness. Before long, he'll be autographing umbrellas for screaming groupies, and we can say we knew him when.

Nick also gave us a special, albeit non-rhyming, shout-out while being interviewed on Fox 4's "Good Day" program yesterday.

While we appreciate Nick's gratitude, we're just doing our job. After the jump, watch Nick thank Asylum, and watch us thank him back by bringing you even more clime rhymes.

Nick tells us the attention has been gratifying: "Everything this past week has been such a blessing. I really just can't wait to show my 1-year-old son all of this stuff someday so he'll know that once upon a time his old, graying, balding dad was cool for about a week back in 2010!"

Here's the shout-out:

Here's Nick's full Good Day interview:

Nick's first weather rap (warning: his nickname made us spit out our drink):

Nick's second weather rap (this is where we start to wonder if his co-stars have to wear "Depends" to work):

Nick's third weather rap (this one has a faster flow, but Nick is still smoother than 50 year-old Glenfiddich):

Nick's latest weather rap (doper than Mr. and Mrs. Roper):

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