The news keeps getting worse for British Petroleum PLC. Yesterday the company had to suspend its latest effort to stop the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, as the specialty saw used by corporate engineers became stuck within the pipe.

BP's most recent failures come as no surprise to Texas businessman and colorful character Daniel E. Davis. The CEO of the D.E. Davis Group, a consortium of construction, heavy equipment and pipeline companies based in Harlingen, Davis claims that neither BP nor the government is listening to those who have expertise in dealing with oil spills (namely, him).

"You're damn right it failed," stated Davis. "I have tried for weeks to get them to listen and implement my idea to fix the leak. They finally try to take my idea for themselves and they foul it up. It takes a bit of expertise, and they don't have it."

So Davis took to the Internet and launched a website: Oil Spill Fix.

On the site, Davis links to schematics that outline his proposed solutions. Davis believes his solution, when executed properly, will cap the gushing leak in only two weeks.

"I called the White House and was directed to a BP website that directs back to the White House," said Davis. "I tried to reach my congressman, Solomon Ortiz, but I don't think he gives a damn. You think with him being a Democrat and Obama also being a Democrat (Solomon) would want to help that sucker out."

According to Davis and the downloadable plans available on the site, BP has the right idea but poor execution. "What BP is doing is trying to couple up to the riser when they need to cover the structure over the entire leak and all the way down. If done correctly they will cap the spill and the oil will flow up to the barge and to the supertanker."

Davis says BP has been monitoring his site but financial concerns are keeping the company from properly capping the leak: "Our Web administrator says that someone from BP Houston and BP London have spent considerable time on the site downloading."

A call to BP's regional office was not returned but Dave Helford, communications director for Congressman Ortiz did respond. Helford says that Congress has limited jurisdiction in the matter and is working with government agencies to prepare for hurricane season and any possible role the oil leak may play.

"We know what we do best and we are not experts in oil leaks," says Helford. "But we are open to passing along any serious solution to stop this tragedy. I can't imagine BP not listening to serious ideas after a month of mishaps. No company wants to be known as the most hated corporation on the planet."

Good point. Does anyone out there speak science and can tell us whether this guy actually knows what he's talking about?

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