"The Goonies," which turns 25 today, may have been the ultimate '80s movie. It had underdog kids, evil land developers, arrogant rich folks, a fat kid, a Corey, the dude who later played "Rudy," Asian stereotypes and a soundtrack featuring Cyndi Lauper.

It also had the Truffle Shuffle, a humiliating stomach-out dance that Chunk, the fat kid, was forced to perform for his friends.

Now, the '80s happened to be a decade full of shuffles. There was the Super Bowl Shuffle, the Icky Shuffle and, for the hardcore sports fan, the Teufel Shuffle. However, no shuffle lives in YouTube infamy quite like the Truffle Shuffle.

To celebrate a quarter-century of "Goonies" we've rounded up some of the best of the Internet's Truffle Shuffles. Yes, that means man boobs.

But to keep things sexy, we also threw in a video of geek-fantasy Olivia Munn doing the should-be forbidden dance. Read on relive the original and check out some amazing imitations.