Bethany Jean Fancher is a Brooklyn artist and world traveler, and somewhere along the way she had the totally insane idea to photograph everyone's butt cracks.

Actually, her idea is even crazier than that: Photoshop said butt cracks to appear to be tremendously exciting boob cleavage.

As if a few random photos on her Tumblr page isn't enough to confuse our sexuality, Fancher decided to unleash a collection of these images on an unsuspecting book public.

The artist explains, "The 'characters' in the cleavage photo series are friends, family and brand new friends who were willing to model their cleavage in 'ready-made' backdrops of their own home or workplace in exchange for a signed photo of the outcome. I have compiled these images into a sculptural book form as a handmade accordion style book."

After raising over $8,000 for the printing, the book is out now in an edition of 500 copies, at a cost of $75. At those prices, rest assured we didn't get you one for your birthday gag gift this year.

All joshing aside, these photos are very amusing and strangely haunting. Keep reading for our must-see collection and Fancher's video intro.

You can get a taste (sorry) of what the book looks like in this clip. Don't miss the part about putting a bra on her butt:

And here are some of the photos:

Zooey Deschanel, eat your heart out. Your equally-indie rock fiancee, Ben Gibbard, cannot possibly have boobs -- uh, buttocks -- like this model.

This is the one that most confused our sexuality. Just kidding, you could tell this was a guy's ass because women don't know how to fix cars.
We know that constantly having to shave is probably a huge pain in the ass for women. Yet it was not until we looked at this photo that we wanted to buy them a thank-you card.