If you were a gamer who grew up in the '90s, there's little doubt you were a fan of the "Mortal Kombat" games -- only to be rather disappointed by the two films the franchise would later produce. They were seriously awful, right?

So it's no shock (though perhaps a pleasant surprise) that in today's era of gritty franchise reboots, we'd see the potential of the classic fighting game getting similar treatment. In a roughly eight-minute clip that surfaced on YouTube today, we get a brief retelling of Baraka's origin, the demise of Johnny Cage, and the hint of an epic feud between Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

While we're not quite sure of the source of the video yet, it does star Michael Jai White of "Spawn" fame as the always-badass Jax, as well as "Star Trek" hottie Jeri Ryan. We're looking into what this all means, though. Trust us, we're as excited as you are.

UPDATE: Turns out the project was a short film -- a teaser to show the execs at WB the potential of a "Mortal Combat" reboot. It seems potentially awesome and we certainly hope the studio executives were paying attention to the buzz.

Keep reading to see the video and make sure to check out Asylum's exclusive interview with Michael Jai White ...