Christina HendricksRecently, we alerted readers to "Mad Men" star (and Asylum crush) Christina Hendricks' turn in the latest sci-fi-inspired video from supergroup Broken Bells. As giant nerds and fans of curvaceous beauties, we found the concept of Christina Hendricks piloting a spaceship in a bizarre, dystopian future to be quite, uh, visually stimulating.

We even went so far as to claim that the lovely Ms. Hendricks had "gone sci-fi."

Thankfully, reader Ryan reminded us that the Broken Bells video isn't the first time that Christina Hendricks has broken hearts in outer space: "Hendricks 'goes sci-fi?' She's already been, friends. I recommend picking up 'Firefly.' Trust me. TRUST. ME."

We did a little YouTube spelunking and uncovered a video gem from Hendricks' days on Joss Whedon's cult TV series. It's an intense, dramatic scene befitting her work on "Mad Men." (OK, it's Christina, in lingerie, rolling around on the floor with Nathan Fillion.)

Check out Christina Hendricks as sci-fi beauty Saffron after the jump. And as always, nerds, you're welcome.