Have a steady source of income and want to snuggle up to the President of the United States? Well, why not rent Barack Obama's dirty old bachelor pad? No, no, not the Lincoln Bedroom -- we're talking about 142 West 109th St. #3E, the Prez's place during his Columbia University days.

With the New York (and national) real estate market what it is, it's understandable that some broker would attempt to lure you into paying a ridiculous amount of money for a closet way the hell up on the Upper Upper West Side, away from Brooklyn (where all your friends are) and the rest of civilization, but this one might be worth it for the bragging rights.

The $1,900-a-month one bedroom in a third-floor walk-up with wood flooring and exposed brick is where the undergrad slept in 1981. Best of all, he actually had a roommate crammed in there somewhere, so you can tell your parents it's still socially acceptable for a grown man to have a boarder in a tiny flat.

The New York Times announced this find under its "Big Deal" section. As Obama's VP would say, this is actually "a big f**king deal."