The staff at The Bootleggers Bar in Minneapolis was thrilled to hear about the new Twins baseball stadium moving in next door, so they decided to share the overflowing love in their hearts. And so, the Twin T*tties Series was born.

It's quite simple, really: Ladies usually don't want to go watch a sports game in a rowdy bar filled with angry, ticket-less locals, so they offered some incentives: Show your cleavage and compete for a $100 bar tab and/or a $100 Victoria's Secret gift certificate -- both of which are given away to the MVP (Most Visible Panties?) at each game.

As General Manager Josh Knudsen put it to Asylum, "There is obviously no literal connection between boobs and baseball, but like Tabasco in tequila, it just makes it more interesting."

As with many a bar contest in which cleavage is objectified, the owners countered claims of sexism by raising money for three people suffering from breast cancer. Knudsen says they've received a few complaints, but he doesn't see anything wrong with raising money for a serious cause with what he calls a "fun, casual and sexy" promotion.

Each night's fundraiser and boob competition is part of a season-long battle for the prize of Twin T*tties champion. But, again. Knudsen reminds us, this isn't some wild party designed to whip drunken fans into a frenzy: "We aren't oiling people up and parading them around like livestock here, we are just having fun with average customers off the street and that is really the point."

He adds that guys are allowed to get in on the cleavage competition and that we straight horndogs should just shaddup and enjoy: "I guess if you were here and saw how hilarious it gets, you'd understand a little better. ... It isn't 300 guys encircling three girls in tank tops ogling and drooling. It is an equal opportunity party, and it has been a riot so far."

We're not sure that whole "But it's really hilarious!"-line is going to fly with offended women, but at the same time: boobs. Wait, what were we talking about?