Becky Jordan Star Wars corsetDo you like your women in tight, bust-enhancing clothes, sporting mile-long stares and bad 'tudes? Then you'll probably worship at the altar of Becky Jordan and her appetizing models, particularly since their tight, bust-enhancing clothes are corsets -- with a Star Wars theme.

Heads up, Burlesque Girl, you've just been usurped.

Jordan, who, for legal reasons, cannot actually sell her widely praised Galactic Corsets, nonetheless basked in the glory she received this week when the Internet got a hold of her site, Evening Arwen.

"Megalomania just got sexier," she writes on her homepage. "Let the heavy breathing commence."

Indeed. Her Galactic Lord costume was originally conceived as a one-off stunt for Halloween '09, but Jordan has several other real and equally sexy corsets for sale, including Marie Antoinette, baseball and butterfly costumes, plus an Edwardian set that you'll need for your next "Eyes Wide Shut"–inspired orgy.

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