Jeri Ryan Mortal Kombat RebirthAsylum readers collectively geeked out over the "Mortal Kombat: Rebirth" short film -- starring Jeri Ryan, pictured, and Michael Jai White -- which is meant to be a pitch for a gritty franchise reboot. (Fun fact: Kevin Tancharoen, the director behind the short, helmed last year's big-screen "Fame" remake. Sub-Zero's gotta dance!)

While some readers applauded "Rebirth" for bearing absolutely no resemblance to the terrible "Mortal Kombat" films of the 1990s, continuity buffs still quibbled with some of the changes made to their beloved video game brawlers.

Anthony R. wrote, "[The short film] just left me infuriated and fascinated at the same time. Wtf is up with Baraka being a doctor that goes insane and Reptile as a cannibal with a skin disorder? Either way I'm gonna have to see it, and that just pisses me more off."

Jspat927 took issue with the surprise character reveal at the end: "When i was watching this, i kept hoping the guy being questioned was Kano. But then he said he was Scorpion and that was the end of it!"

But Kyle disagreed, writing, "Picking Scorpion as a main character was intriguing and very unexpected, I can't wait to see Raiden zap the crap outta of him too ... If he's still able to use lightning that is ..."

Even though "Rebirth" hasn't gotten the green light yet, McHotcakes has already made up his mind: "I think I might have to skip this one. It sure is 'dark' and 'gritty' but what about the actual story? You know where Scorpion was a demonic ninja, who didn't even have a face, [and] Reptile and Baraka were monsters from another dimension, not simply people with skin diseases."

Finally, Edgyhoof offered some perspective to counterbalance the fanboy sniping: "I love how people have a problem with Cage being a former movie star working undercover. Since when has anything in the MK franchise been realistic?" He added, "We could all use a little fatality action in our lives."

Congrats, Edgyhoof. Your comment was a "flawless victory."