A construction worker amazingly survived being spun in a concrete mixer on a Huangshi building site in eastern China. The 20-year-old builder named Xu was feeding the mixer with a bag of concrete powder when suddenly the plastic bag got tangled up in the fast-rotating blender, pulling Xu into the mixer as well. Luckily a colleague standing nearby immediately switched the machine off.

Rescue services cut the machine open from both ends and pulled out both the blender and Xu. "If his co-worker hadn't turned off the power in time ... well, it's unthinkable," said an officer. Hospital checkups say that Xu has no life-threatening wounds, just a fracture of his right leg and wounds to his left knee joint.

Look at the bright side, Xu, you may have concrete crammed in places you didn't know you had. Still beats getting trapped inside the business end of a flaming porta-potty. Keep reading to check out more photos of Xu's rescue.