BP stations being targetedIn an act of rage combined with having some paint and probably a ladder, vandals heaved a crapload of brown paint onto the sign of the BP gas station on Kent Avenue in Williamsburg, making a point that greatly upset ... Mark Sapozhnikov, the guy who owns the station.

Sapozhnikov has been running the station there for the past 20 years, and it only became a BP station eight years ago when the company merged with Amoco. It was one of five stations vandalized over Memorial Day weekend.

During his ownership, Sapozhnikov has become a beloved fixture in the community, and he has certificates and letters of thanks from two feuding Satmar sects in his largely Hasidic neighborhood. Seriously. Letters of thanks to a gas station. Sounds like the kind of guy whose business should be vandalized.

Sapozhnikov contacted BP corporate headquarters about the event, and as proof of how screwed we are in the Gulf, it took three days and cost about $1,500 just to repair a BP sign. Fantastic!