Asylum contributor Andy Green's essay on his days spent rocking the mic as a strip club DJ prompted readers to chime in with their own experiences as behind-the-pole employees.

Turns out a few of the Asylum faithful have booted handsy frat boys and spun Lady Gaga tunes as bouncers and DJs at various gentlemen's clubs. And, as is often sadly the case, there are rarely actual gentlemen to be found there.

Adam writes, "I am a strip club D.J. in Toronto and I can contest to all the experiences you've had. As hectic as it can be once you learn to handle a fleet of 30+ under-worked, overpaid goddesses I believe you develop a definite enjoyment for the madness."

This prompted Andy Green himself to reply, "Thanks Adam! Enjoy your gig as it definitely beats a lot of other things you can do for money!"

Joe recalled his own days keeping the peace between rowdy bachelor parties and part-time med students / strippers with names like Jade and Cheyenne: "From a former strip club bouncer of 13 and 1 half years, when people aren't distracted by music and nudity, they want to gather 'round the chaos. This ruins the sensual atmosphere."

Any dancers (past or present) want to chime in? Bartenders? Coat-check girls? We'd love to hear from other folks working inside these flesh factories.