Cleveland Cavaliers Delonte West Lebron JamesIf you are a regular reader of the sports blogosphere, you already know the rumor: During the Cleveland Cavaliers conference semifinals matchup against the Boston Celtics, Lebron James learned that his 39-year-old mother had been sleeping with his teammate Delonte West, who has a well-deserved reputation for being a nutcase.

Understandably distraught by this revelation, James' play suffered and the Cavs lost to the underdog Celtics. As our friends at With Leather report, a month later, the rumor continues to fester.

Yet, you won't read a word about it in the traditional sports media.

Granted the MSM usually stays away from publishing the details of completely unsubstantiated sexual encounters. However, the biggest story of the NBA's off-season is going to be which team the free agent James signs with. It stands to reason that this well-circulated rumor -- whether true or not -- would have just as big an effect on whether James stays in Cleveland as whom the Cavs sign as their new coach.

Are the big boys of sports reporting giving their readers the shaft by not mentioning everything that's going on behind the scenes in Lebron's world? Or are they right not to advance this thinly sourced gossip?

Should the media report on the rumored Gloria James affair?
Yes -- it's an important part of an important story465 (25.5%)
No -- you need a hard confirmation to write about something like that1359 (74.5%)