This week you could easily give the thumbs up to both choices. In doing so, however, you run the risk of overloading the Internet with irony.

It would be inappropriate to use the real-life Facebook "Like" stamp on striking Nicole, but we wouldn't be surprised if some readers wanted to do just that -- she's gorgeous.

Which would you rather have?
Nicole -- Quite possibly the best thing about Rhode Island1231 (84.6%)
Facebook 'Like' Stamp -- Give your seal of approval to everything224 (15.4%)

Pro: Loves boxing and UFC
Con: Will probably think you're a wimp if you aren't also into boxing and UFC
Has a tattoo ...
... on the inside of her lip

Facebook "Like" Stamp
You could stamp everything you like with it.
You might stamp your monitor when surfing for porn.
More fun than tweeting
Just another harsh reminder that there is no "dislike" option on Facebook ... yet

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