YouTube Kung Fu Bear lightsaberBack in late May, we reported on Kung Fu Bear, an ursine martial arts master caught on video reeling off some awesome moves with a makeshift bo staff. The YouTube video has been viewed 2 million times, but now remixes of the clip are keeping this badass bear in the limelight.

Our favorites thus far marry Kung Fu Bear and lightsabers. Check out the top three and let us know which one is the best. May the force be with you ...

"Kung Fu Bear Finds a Light Saber":

"KUNG FU BEAR - Star Wars Edition":

"Kung fu Bear NOW DEADLIER":

Which Is the Best Kung Fu Bear Video?
Kung Fu Bear Finds a Lightsaber181 (72.7%)
Kung Fu Bear - Star Wars Edition8 (3.2%)
Kung Fu Bear NOW DEADLIER60 (24.1%)