Our weekly dispatch from the nation's foremost mustache expert.

Michael Jordan mustache Hanes adEver since the new Hanes ad featuring Michael Jordan came out, there's been some furor over His Airness's Führer-style upper-lip cabana.

Indeed, the plentifully portly Charles Barkley says Jordan's mouth drape "Is just stupid." But, the opinion of the American Mustache Institute -- really the only one that should matter, as we are the voice of the Mustached American people -- is altogether different.

Certainly, Mr. Jordan's revival of the "toothbrush" mustache -- street name: the "dictator" -- is a controversial move. AMI, however, believes there is no such thing as a "bad" mustache; maybe the time has come for a rebirth. Americans are, after all, a forgiving people, and thus the time has finally come to forgive the toothbrush for the transgressions that one of its one-time bearers committed. We must hang those negative sentiments on the man -- and not the mustache.

Keep reading to see the commercial that paved the way for this showing of Mustached American forgiveness.

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