The Smurfs movieThe long awaited Smurfs movie is coming out in the summer of 2011, and our friends at FilmDrunk are featuring its first trailer. It seems the jolly sprites with the limited vocabulary will be going the way of their blue Na'vi cousins by appearing at movie theaters in 3-D.

Classic television cartoons -- with their built-in, nostalgic audiences -- are always ripe for a big budget movie adaptation. We've already seen quite a few from "The Flintstones" to "Inspector Gadget" to "Scooby Doo" to "Transformers."

Still, plenty of the cereal-selling shows of our youth have yet to make it to the cineplex.

Now that the Smurfs are headed for the big screen, we want you to tell us which Saturday-morning or weekday-afternoon favorite should be the next to get the Hollywood treatment.

Here are our suggestions. We're sure we've overlooked quite a few, so let us know the one's we've missed in the comments section.

What animated TV show of yore needs to be a big-budget movie?
"Gummi Bears" -- imagine the bouncing in 3-D.79 (6.6%)
"Super Friends" -- how hasn't this happened yet?138 (11.5%)
"Hong Kong Phooey" -- number one super-guy!133 (11.1%)
"Thundercats" -- "hot actress in tight Lycra" alert!717 (59.6%)
"ALF" -- yeah, it was a live-action show first, but we just hate cats.136 (11.3%)