Michael Winslow does typewriters.It may not have the bleeps, but it certainly has the sweeps and a few creeps. Michael Winslow (aka Larvell "Motor Mouth" Jones from "Police Academy") and artist Ignacio Uriarte have teamed up to make a short film about the history of the typewriter.

The film, which is just over 20 minutes long, is called "The History of the Typewriter, Recited by Michael Winslow," and is pretty much that ... sort of, if history can be recounted through sound effects alone.

Starting in 1895 and continuing to 1983, Winslow recreates the sounds of 32 different typewriters. We know, we know, it doesn't sound particularly fascinating, but maybe you've forgotten we're talking about Michael Winslow here.

In fact, if you love the sound of typewriters, guys with microphones in their mouths who look like they're about to have a stroke, or "Spaceballs," you might just think this is the greatest movie ever made. Keep reading to see for yourself.