It's every little boy's (and computer nerd's) dream to fly the Millennium Falcon. For little Christian Bently, however, this dream actually became a reality.

The Make-a-Wish Foundation granted this 9-year-old's request to have a Star Wars–themed fort in his backyard complete with a kick-ass construct of the fastest spaceship in the galaxy. It was delivered to Christian on Monday and serves as the topper to his illustrious fantasy fort.

"[The Falcon] even has solar-powered LED interior and exterior lighting," said Brandon of Little Mountain Productions.

Star Wars has not only been a source of entertainment for Christian, but it's also helping him battle through leukemia. "When he was first diagnosed, he carried his Xbox back and forth from the hospital," said his grandmother Tracy Clark.

The Millennium Falcon is so big that it took 14 people, including a bunch of well-built firefighters, to lift it onto the playhouse. The fort will hopefully serve as another escape for Christian who awoke Monday to stormtroopers and Imperial Guards standing next to his playhouse.