Some may know Ryan Keely as the Penthouse Pet who has, ahem, come through the ranks with such DVDs as "Girl Play" and "Cum Alone 2," while others may recognize her face (and cootch) from the sexiest promo video (NSFW) for an Apple product in the company's history.

Now Keely is taking her extensive skill set to the masses with her upcoming seminar Porn Star Sex Life, where she teaches regular dudes how find their inner porn star and lay pipe like a pro.

But the wisdom of Keely doesn't end with tutorials on how to be an amazing, mind blowing lover; the NYC transplant recently gave Asylum some pointers on how to make the most of boinking in the Big Apple -- from getting busy in a taxi cab to sexually navigating the studio apartment you share with three other people (and two cats).

Keep reading for Ryan's tips on sleeping around in the City That Never Sleeps.

In a Taxi Cab:
"Do it carefully. The way these cabbies drive, a sudden stop or hard turn could lead to a gnarly sex injury. A local told me that his favorite technique is to get the cabbie to drive the Williamsburg at 60 miles per hour. Evidently, it creates an enjoyable vibrating sensation. Remember to tip well and watch those teeth."

In Central Park:
"Do it before closing time [1 a.m.], when the cops round up stragglers, and find a secluded area. Be aware that getting busted does result in jail time and a fine, but it's much more likely a civilian will catch you in the act. Most New Yorkers have caught couples in flagrante delicto and should be unimpressed and uninterested by your public tryst."

In Bar Bathrooms:
"Currently, I like the ladies room at Heartland Brewery Restaurant and Pub. It's clean, private and the beer is good. But the award for Best Bathroom Bang has to go to The Box. They have, like, these stirrups. It's hot and dirty in a playing-doctor-in-a-filthy-nightclub-bathroom kind of way."

In a Shoebox Apartment:
"It's New York. Everyone's place is tiny. Consider the rooftop, if it's accessible. While you may offend a neighbor or two, you run a low risk of being busted. Fire escapes, too. While similar to roofs, they offer a bigger exhibitionist thrill, more fresh air and a surprising amount of privacy. No one seems to look up."

In a Shoebox Apartment With Roommates:
"When I had roommates, they had to listen to me bang, but I also listened to them bang. It's part of the charm in a shared living situation. If you can't bang with someone else in the space, pony up for your own place and bring your partners home. Or accept that roommates happen."