With the cardboard-enriched food, dwarf-size bathroom stalls and those adorable mini bottles of liquor, flying on an airplane can be an exciting and unpredictable world. But never more so than when playing the mandatory Russian roulette–esque game of "Who will sit beside me this time?"

Sure, you could end up next to a Christina Hendricks lookalike or a kindly Betty White type, but you could also end up next to an individual who's three times removed from sanity.

We were inspired by the nutty antics of one such individual (left) to create this post.

Continue reading to see videos of some of the most outrageous plane footage ever.

Crazy Airplane Lady Lets Loose While Landing
Imagine being the guy wearing the white shirt in this video. He probably got off the plane, called 20 of his closest friends and relayed the story of the crazy airplane lady who shouted outdated phrases like, "Right on!" and "Chip off the old block" while the plane landed. Nobody would have believed the outrageousness of the situation if it weren't for the video footage captured.

Man Experiences Panic Attack, Thinks He's Dying
If you're not afraid of flying yet, we strongly encourage you to not view this video. When a man starts screaming, "I'm going to die!" and "Help me!" like he really means it, visions of Devon Sewa in "Final Destination" come to mind. We can only assume this dude is having a severe panic attack -- one of the extremely frightening variety.

Drunk French Man Cheers On Flight Attendant
This poor flight attendant is forced to duke it out with an inebriated French man in this video. In addition to shouting various French sentences at her while she's giving safety instructions, he also decides to serenade the entire group of passengers. If we didn't know any better, we'd think this was a sporting event.

Parent Places Child in Overhead Compartment
Although a tiny part of us can't help but cheer on the man in this video (hey, kids on a plane can be a nightmare!), it's still wrong on a lot of levels. Watch as he nonchalantly places his child in the overhead compartment, much to the chagrin of the nearby flight attendant and other passengers.

Naked Guy Refuses to Put on Clothes, Causes Emergency Landing

We have to include this ditty in the round up, even if it is a news report after the fact. There's pictures of the naked man on the flight, who refused to get dressed even after the flight crew insisted several times. Fortunately, a police officer and deputy were on board to rescue passengers from his exposed man parts.