Charles Zevallos is no Barack Obama. In fact, he isn't even Bill Clinton. Yet the balding, middle-aged, Amazonian political leader receives an overwhelming amount of attention from female supporters.

Zevallos, who is campaigning for mayor of Maynas, a Peruvian province, started out literally bribing women rally-goers with soccer balls and watches, insisting on receiving strangely epic kisses on the lips in return.

Now, stories and videos have emerged of the progressive politician catching a steady stream of panties while onstage at campaign events. Obviously, the only thing to stop him from winning in a landslide is the Jealous Husband Vote, which, judging by the video you're about to see, is probably going to be massive.

"It was spontaneous. I didn't ask for them, but then I saw a pair of yellow ones, and then another woman threw another pair at me," the obviously thrilled candidate told Reuters.

Keep reading to see the video of "
il candidato sindaco sexy," as he's referred to on YouTube, spending an endless amount of time collecting red, yellow and other-colored panties, all thrown to him by probably paid actresses in the front row.

Is this guy trolling for votes or about to launch into his Barry Manilow impersonation? Because he sure seems eager to receive those panties, a bit too eager for a guy who's supposed to pretend to be a politician. At least until he gets into office and can start receiving manila envelopes with gringo dollars and a steady stream of scantily clad "attachés."