Meet Dorismar, aka Doris Mar, the 35-year-old Argentinean World Cup fan, and a serious reason to keep watching ESPN even after America's recent elimination.

On Sunday, she was captured on a roving camera outside Argentina's decisive 3-1 victory in the first elimination round of the South Africa–based tournament. Her bouncy balls and diversionary moves probably caused several intentional handballs among the home viewership.

So, just who is this random vixen, Dorismar? Well, she was actually living in Miami and a presenter on Univision until her deportation to Argentina for being an illegal immigrant, reason alone to support amnesty. It doesn't help to think that she could have been rooting for America if we'd only kept her around.

We're hoping that this recent explosion of hotness at the Cup will lead to a sexy rivalry between Mar and the 24-year-old lingerie model known as Larissa Riquelme, whose Paraguyan boys just eliminated Japan in a shootout.

Keep reading for the instant classic of a video featuring Miss Dora Noemí Kerchen bouncing around the streets in celebration.