If you were in Williamsburg a few weeks ago, you may have seen this note that called for Bill Murray to star in some random hipster dinosaur flick called "Jurassic Park Slope." Apparently, Steele Filipek and Caitlin Burns, the authors of said note, were serious as a heart attack when they posted it.

If you haven't already gathered, Burns and Steele (who helms the humor/suds site The Brew Yorker) are paying homage to Steven Spielberg's 1993 film, taking characters from "Jurassic Park" and placing them among the perils of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

"Instead of paleontologists traveling to the world's most amazing amusement park, 'Jurassic Park Slope' follows its characters in search of the greatest loft party," Burns tells Asylum. "It's not actually about Park Slope. We'll consider that for the sequel, but let's be honest -- it sounds better than 'Cretaceous Williamsburg' or 'Triassic Greenpoint.'"

The film will be an interactive experience. Over the course of the summer, Burns and Steele will be creating fun public events, allowing them to film Brooklyn residents in their natural habitat. "It's killing two pterodactyls with one stone because it lets us meet people who would like to be involved, as well as get some of the more intense crowd scenes created on a limited budget," says Burns

Steele and Burns have even found interest from local businesses who want to be part of the final product (i.e. a smart phone application that takes you through a walking tour / bar crawl through Williamsburg, where you can unlock footage), but is all this talk enough to get Dr. Venkman on board?

"Bill Murray is a legend in and around Williamsburg," Burns says. "His public persona is so compellingly open to going places and doing things that seem to strike his fancy -- some of it documented -- but we're hoping that his history of going to random parties, bartending or, as legend has it, showing up at some suburban home with a box set of "Ghostbusters" DVDs and telling the recipient 'No one will ever believe you' will translate into his answering our call to be the hero of our movie."

So, if you see Murray wandering around Brooklyn, tell him about this movie. But be gentle; he spooks easy.