CheetosMove over, mystery meat! There's another food concoction that's causing some high-schoolers to gag all the way through the cafeteria line.

On the Slow Food USA blog, a student named Rameen revealed that his so-far-unidentified California high school is selling bags of Cheetos covered with melted cheese in the lunch room.

Rameen characterized the dish (pictured) as "gross," and his revelation of its existence touched off a good deal of Internet hand-wringing about the low quality of allegedly USDA-approved school lunches.

A quick read of some of these comments suggests variations of this Cheetos-plus-melted-cheese surprise have been served in school cafeterias since the early '80s, which, perhaps not coincidentally, is when America started to get really fat.

A nation of diabetics aside, we do have to disagree with Rameen's assertion that this dish is "gross." Granted, you wouldn't want such a low-quality cheese combination anywhere near your skin, but it probably tastes pretty fantastic when it hits your mouth.

In fact, our sudden craving for layers upon layers of cheese products in completely unnatural forms has led us to an even more potentially delicious discovery: hot Cheetos dipped in cream cheese! A combination which boasts a Facebook fan page with more than 1,800 members and has us contemplating a trip to the 7-Eleven.