The Portland Mercury has been running a series called Eat & Drink for ages, but we only recently became obsessed with it when photographer Tim Gunther came aboard. The local snapper has been illustrating its food-related posts with snaps of Twizzlers, carrots and tomatoes having sex and giving oral, and everyone from BuzzFeed to Nerve has become addicted to the series.

Gunther stages big-breasted ice cream cones getting it on with tall and lanky bananas with mushroom heads (as in the above) and a bell pepper with bacon arms (or at least that's how it appears) going down on a virginal corn husk with pointy olive boobies and a sexy tomato face, among other creations.

As he says, it's his "use of light and color illuminates and animates his subjects, producing identifiable images that captivate." Correction: It's his use of food groups having hardcore sex that captivates ... and possibly horrifies.

Keep reading to see more raw, naked and sinfully good food in poses created by an obviously disturbed (kidding) person's mind ... and answer the important question: Is it porn?

Is food sex porn?
Yes -- that horny banana is sticking its end inside the ice cream cone. 1065 (31.7%)
No -- it may be porn for somebody on a diet but I don't have a food fetish.2293 (68.3%)