Toiletdude7 YoutubeOne of the beautiful things about the Internet is that it lets once-isolated people who are passionate about certain, somewhat unusual, subjects find one another.

Perhaps it's in that spirit that one Web guru spent countless hours making and posting videos of various types of toilets as they flush. He goes by the YouTube handle "ToiletDude7," a name which is more than appropriate. He currently has 200 toilet-related clips on his channel.

"I'm a big toilet fan," he writes on his YouTube profile page. "Have been one ever since I could remember."

He goes on to explain that his videos may not be perfect, but he does assure his fans (all 261 of them) that "there may be a little number 1 or toilet paper in the toilet, but no number 2."

Although there aren't any shots of "number 2," there are a number of videos where ToiletDude7 flushes various materials down the crapper, including ice, rocks and a box of Fruity Pebbles.

If all that wasn't strange enough, after all those flushes, this latrine examiner now has toilet preferences.

"Gerber is my favorite brand -- the older AquaSaver with the front flush is the best," he says. Coming in second is "any open rimmed toilet like Artesian, URC, Mancesa, Crane, Universal Rundle, Briggs, American Standard."

We aren't really sure why one would favor one commode over another (don't they all essentially work the same?), but perhaps we're just ignorant when it comes to the world of porcelain thrones. Nevertheless, we have to give props to ToiletDude7 for his unfaltering dedication to sharing such videos with his global fan base.