We're usually pretty solid in our general superiority to 12-year-old boys, but maybe not in the case of not-so-little Kyle Kane.

That's because the muscular U.K. lad has been dubbed the "world's strongest boy" after lifting more than double his own body weight.

Kyle, who's been weight-lifting since he was 10, recently set an unofficial dead-lift record by raising a 308-pound weight at a junior bodybuilding event -- that's 70 pounds more than the previous record by a 12-year-old.

It's also more than double the body-weight of the 5-foot-7-inch boy who weighs a mighty 147 pounds and (as a word of warning for anyone who tries to bully him) is a proficient kickboxer.

At the local gym where he trains four times a week, Kyle is known as "Little Arnie," after Arnold Schwarzenegger, and experts say he has a good chance of fulfilling his dream of becoming an Olympic weightlifter.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Kyle said, "I just want to be as muscly [sic] as I can be. Hopefully one day I can train in the Olympics or compete in the World's Strongest Man."

Well, we're not going to tell him he can't. Keep reading to see a YouTube video of Kyle setting the unofficial record.