If you're out-of-your-gourd wasted and can't remember your address, don't even think about hopping into Sam Abrahim's cab. He's been carting drunk a**holes around NYC for the past four years and quite frankly, he's had enough.

On the other hand, if you're sober and looking for a great Turkish restaurant, Sam's your guy. Read on to hear more stories of drunken taxi debauchery and the best place for shish kebabs.

Do you have a favorite place to go in NYC?
I love taking my kids to the Museum of Natural History. They're in first and second grade.

Do they have a favorite dinosaur?
Tyrannosaurus rex.

Where do you take them to eat after?
My favorite Turkish restaurant isn't near the museum, but it's called Bereket. They have the best shish kebabs. Also, I love Krolewskie Jadlo, a Polish restaurant near where I live in Ridgewood, Queens. They've got great souvlaki.

If you could give one piece of advice to a newbie cab driver, what would it be?
Be careful with the drunk people. They bother me. I cannot take them!

What makes you say that?
I've had guys throwing gyros out my window. I drove another guy to the Port Authority, and when we got there he fell asleep in the cab and wouldn't get out. I tried to wake him up and he said, "Sorry, I have no place to stay."

What did you do?
I left him and got a police officer. They woke him up and I told him, "I have no problem if you don't have the money but you need to get out of my cab. This is not a hotel!"

Final Destination(s):
Museum of Natural History
79th St. and Central Park West
(212) 769-5100

187 East Houston St.
(212) 475-7700

Krolewskie Jadlo
66-21 Fresh Pond Rd., Ridgewood, Queens
(718) 366-6226