You would think after all the years YouTube has been around, people would realize that everything they do is going to end up there.

Yet time and time again, we're gifted with extreme cases of people who are unable to imagine how ridiculous they appear to others, particularly when their antics are demonstrated via video. This unnamed 60-year-old man is like a "Scared Straight " video for all aging white men, no matter how gifted they are at dance, conversation or visibly slapping their balls against an imaginary sex partner.

In this one-minute clip, a reporter for Black Beach Week (?) visits the Hedonism II resort and interviews a guy who's been coming there since Michael Dukakis jokes were funny. This website probably recorded a dozen of these gems in a day, as the Hedonism resorts have been described as a hive of notorious drug, alcohol and wife-swapping sexcapades.

The man has so far remained nameless, possibly due to rendering the reporter who found him incapable of communicating. Get on it, Internet, and send him our way for an exclusive interview.

In the meantime, keep reading for his star-making video, which is not appropriate for children or people with functioning eyeballs. (via Crazy Crackerz)