Last week we gave you our picks for the seven worst movie pitches from the Tribeca Film Festival/American Express "My Movie Pitch" competition, in which aspiring filmmakers submitted one-minute movie pitches. We then asked you to vote for the one you want to see made into a real-life film.

Now, the Asylum ballots have been counted and "Gesundheit," a pitch by the auteur known only as "Philon" about a dystopian world where sneezing causes DEATH, has emerged the winner/loser.

Your mission -- should you, um, a-choose to accept it -- is to vote for "Gesundheit" in the "My Movie Pitch" contest. It's as simple as watching the video below and when the "Vote for This Pitch" banner pops up at the bottom of the screen clicking on the thumbs-up icon.

If we're successful, the pitch will receive financing and a premiere at next year's Tribeca Film Festival. Because, let's face it, this would be a lot more fun to watch than whatever awkward, misunderstood-teen coming-of-age story would probably win otherwise. Round 1 of voting ends on July 25, so recruit your friends.

And Philon, if you're reading this, don't forget who gave you your first shot at the big time. Feel free to show your appreciation by sending us cash, fully inclusive vacation packages and invitations to Hollywood parties with desperate, scantily clad starlets.