Metrocards will soon be worth a whole lot moreOn our worst days, when we hate everything, how glorious it would be to work for the MTA, because any time our day sucked we could just sit at our desks and brainstorm up a few new ways to make everyone's day suck forever, then feel much better.

Here are the ideas the folks at MTA have come up with to alleviate their "I drive to work" road rage: a one-dollar surcharge anytime somebody gets a new Metrocard instead of refilling an old one to cut down on waste. There's no word as of now on whether or not they'll make it so you can refill an unlimited card, not that that matters, because they're talking about capping the number of uses an "unlimited" card has, which makes us wonder what they're going to start calling the cards -- a "somewhat-high-usage card"? The cost of a monthly unlimited is probably going to get hiked up to just under $100, too.

If passed, then new plans would not go into effect until around the beginning of next year, so you've got five months to talk about getting your bike in working order before ultimately giving up, paying the higher prices and complaining for a few months.