Girls and video games -- many guys would probably be thrilled if those were the only two aspects of life. But what if you had to choose one or the other? Studies have shown that gaming wins out a good deal of the time.

Would you throw out a night with Gina for the RetroN 3, which plays NES, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games?
Which would you rather have?
Gina -- Cute girls never go out of style2272 (73.1%)
RetroN 3 -- Good games never go out of style834 (26.9%)

Click here for a picture of Gina getting in touch with nature plus our pros and cons.

Pro: Has a "girl next door" look and great smile
Con: Cheated on a boyfriend once
Pro: Turned on by boathouses, which is great news for our large camp-counselor readership
Con: Possible death wish -- lists "not obeying roller coaster signs" as a highlight

RetroN 3
Pro: Plays games from the three best old-school consoles
Con: You have to own the cartridges; no ROM support here
Pro: Two wireless controllers are included
Con: You won't be able to play online and trash talk little kids