Mel Gibson racist rant remixAudio of Mel Gibson's racist and abusive rant at Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva, the mother of his love child, has been sweeping the Internets, satiating our voyeuristic desires to see celebrities' lives go up in flames.

We've collected the best of the remixes and parodies, which we all knew were inevitable. (We're particularly impressed with the genius who dubbed the rant over a scene from the movie "What Women Want.")

With new, more damning tapes released seemingly every day, we can be sure there will be many more YouTube remixes to come. Obviously the content below the jump is NSFW due to Mel's potty mouth.

Here's an example of a more standard, straightforward remix. We're still waiting for someone to Auto-tune the tantrum, but this will do for now.

If only Mel Gibson had been a "script doctor" during Hollywood's golden age. Sigh.

We've heard that women can be attracted to emotionally abusive men, but this "deleted scene" from "What Women Want" seems to be taking that idea a bit far.

Please, please make this into an actual movie. Cast Russell Crowe in the role of Gibson and Christian Bale's love child, and you've got a formula guaranteed to result in at least 20 production assistants getting punched in the face during the making of the film.

Can someone just throw these two into a real-life Thunderdome already? Farrell has the age advantage, but our money would be on Gibson because of his sheerer craziness.

The "adorable" racist rant.

Ye ol' "leave ______ alone" guy.

"Mel Gibson yelling at at cats." The name says it all. Brilliant!

Finally, a woman who won't put up with Mel's bullshit.

This would be so much scarier than any of the actual Scream movies.

It's kind of difficult to tell who's the bigger pig in this one.

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