If only every morning when we asked ourselves "What are we going to do today?" the answer was "Drink a bottle of hooch then go down to a nice part of town and terrorize everyone by pulling down our pants."

Sadly, we gave up that dream long ago, when we got a day job. Fortunately, one man in L.A. has not.

He went to Robertson Blvd., a popular place for celebrities, and stood outside the door of the Intermix store there ... wearing Uggs and his pants around his ankles. He was effectively holding captive all the shoppers inside the store unless they wanted to get an up close whiff of crazy-old-man balls in July heat. Nobody did.

Eventually Crazy Pantsless Man threw the bottle of whatever he was drinking, prompting a 911 call. The police came and took Crazy Pantsless Man away, but, in doing so, gave him a chance to flash the entire world a pasty full moon. Apparently he isn't pantsless very often. Or at least not in daylight.

A timeline of Crazy Pantsless Man in action is available after the jump. (WARNING: NSFW if naked old man butts are a problem.)

Here he is. He looks crazy enough fully clothed.
He arrives.
Note the Uggs. This Is how you can tell we're in L.A. NYC crazies wear New Balance.
Fab shoes, crazy man.
Customers are terrified. Uggs?! It's 2010, for Pete's sake!
He's just making a fashion statement, guys.
"Oh. You don't like my Uggs? I guess I'll just cover them ... with my pants!!!"
no pants time!!!
Crazy Pantsless Man then takes out his anger on traffic, his poor choice in footwear now hidden.
This one's to the moon, Johnny!
The cops come, the Uggs are removed and CPM is taken away. Thanks for the memories!
Off to the slammer.

All images from Swaggahottie via TweetPhoto.