Punching bag gameDustin Gooden of Meridian, Idaho, was having a gay ol' time at the local pub, working out its punching bag game machine ... until something went terribly wrong. Maybe the machine didn't let him win, or it started looking at his girlfriend the wrong way. Whatever it was, we're sure Gooden had a good reason to start punching every part of the machine -- except the bag.

This unprecedented attack may not bode well for Gooden's criminal record since he caused over $3,000 in damages with nothing but his fists. (Something tells us that's a high score. Suck on that, Billy Mitchell!) But if the movies are any indication of the future, here's our plan: On the day the T-1000s start enslaving humanity, we're heading to Idaho, looking up Gooden's number in the phonebook and telling him the Terminators are all distant cousins of that rotten punching game.

For the full blow-by-blow account, keep reading to check out the actual police report we obtained from the Boise Police Department. This is the latest chapter in man v. machine. (Here's a spoiler: The machine won.)

punching bag machine police report
(Click image to see larger version.)

Nothing pitches our schadenfreude tent more than watching a gamer unleash his anger on a video game with pure, white hot virgin rage. Apparently, we're not the only ones, since the Internet is filled with viral hits of angry gamers releasing pent-up aggression against their 32-bit enemies by any means necessary, from shouting at the screen in spittle-flying German to finding new and interesting places to store the remote control.

Gooden's act of gaming violence, however, beats them all to a bloody pulp (assuming that video game consoles and arcade machines bleed).