A certain "Mad Men" actress is taking her clothes off for Playboy!


Well, down, boy. It's not our not-so-secret crush, Christina Hendricks. Rather, it's Crista Flanagan, who plays bumbling switchboard operator Lois Sadler (she of the unforgettable foot-meets-lawnmower scene last season) on the critically acclaimed show who will be gracing the cover of Playboy's August edition.

The 34-year-old actress, perhaps best known for her five years on the sketch comedy show "MadTV," will also be featured inside the magazine, recreating a series of '60s-style pin-ups befitting "Mad Men"'s martini-soaked vibe.

Anytime an attractive lady from the TV decides to remove articles of clothing, we couldn't be happier (since we've probably already tried to imagine her naked multiple times).

And if Flanagan wants to tell Hendricks about just how fun and rewarding the Playboy experience is, we'd be all for that, too. Even if the combination of the words "Christina Hendricks" and "nude" could potentially break the Internet we hold so dear.

Keep reading for a sneak peek at Crista's spread.