InceptionToday, the Internet is collectively picking its brains off of the floor after having them blown, pureed, reassembled and then blown again by "Inception," Christopher Nolan's twisty mind-schtup of a movie. And everyone's trying figure out what it all means.

Thankfully, the Internet has also helped us make sense of nearly two-and-a-half hours of shifting landscapes, car chases and Leo DiCaprio saying the word "dreams" approximately 75 times.

Cinema Blend has a nifty illustrated guide [spoiler alert] to the five levels that the movie's crack team of dream thieves operates on. (Thankfully, we're not the only ones who dream in video game terminology.)

Meanwhile, the sci-fi geeks at io9 posted an interesting review, which posits that "Inception" is one big metaphor for movie-making disguised as a summer shoot-em-up (the dream architects mess with their mark in much the same way a screenwriter does). Riiiight. We totally got that.

Want our review? Stuff blowed up real good! Buildings move like LEGOs! It's "Ocean's 11" meets "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" -- only way better than that pitch sounds!

MTV Movies Blog has some ideas for how Nolan could pump out five "Inception" sequels after filming ends on the next Batman flick. Because we all know how well the "Matrix" sequels went. Who's ready for dream raves?

Finally, our pals at Moviefone wonder if the movie might be, dare they (not us) say, a tad overrated. (Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character was basically there just to give exposition and spin around in mid-air, we'll give them that.)

Although, we did have one problem with the movie: Why would you ever leave any dreamworld where you can hang out with Marion Cotillard? Please see photographic evidence to support our point after the jump.