Independence DayOur friends at FilmDrunk have the latest word on "Battle: Los Angeles," the much-anticipated alien-invasion epic set to drop in March of 2011.

Hollywood has long been prone to flood Earth with extraterrestrials of various size and military capabilities. Perhaps they whip up this Martian paranoia as a public service: If we actually were visited by aliens of the outer-space kind, our government's contingency plans for dealing with such an invasion are woefully inadequate.

In fact, we were able to take a quick glance at some top-secret government documents detailing how we would respond if spacecrafts from other galaxies started landing, and we're pretty sure we saw the words "Will Smith."

We kid (we think), but we still want to know what your favorite alien-invasion movie is. Feel free to use the comment section to educate us on any of the older films we missed.

What's Your Favorite Alien Invasion Movie?
"Predator" -- fighting aliens with a heavy accent463 (21.2%)
"Men In Black" -- fighting aliens with a catchy rap song229 (10.5%)
"Independence Day" -- started an unfortunate President-in-fighter-jet trend691 (31.6%)
"War of the Worlds" -- the original, because Tom Cruise might be an alien 131 (6.0%)
"District 9" -- the whole aliens as seafood thing567 (25.9%)
"Signs" -- a brief reprieve from all the M. Night hate107 (4.9%)